We've been working hard with are packaging partners and customers to design our new Cider & Ale Range for 2020 with 20L/10L/5L & 3L now live with our 2.25L pack coming soon.


There are a few changes compared to our Eco cases and also with current cases on the market - we've increased the paper strength of our 20L & 10L cases and we've rounded off all corners to reduce bag snag when filling.


In addition all our Cider & Ale ranges come with a layer pad - The layer pad is deigned to be snapped off once the box has been assembled and placed in the bottom of the box to provide a flat and smooth surface for the bag to rest on.  


Updated Print Design

For customers who do not use bespoke print designed we have updated customer instructions on our 20L Cider & Ale cases - our 10L/5L & 3L cases will have updated printing shortly. 

Bespoke Printing

For customers who wish to have or currently have bespoke printing our suppliers are now able to offer a full design service and approval process. The set up costs of this can be included in the case price so there are no upfront fee's and after a set number of cases have been purchased we can reduce the price down for customers. 



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