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COVID 19 & Refund / Returns Policy 2020/2021

The Bag In Box Shop UK Ltd is continually reviewing suppliers & quality processes of our suppliers and as a result we hold 3 suppliers for major items and all our bags are sourced from VITOP only. 

Due to the nature of our industry we regret that we are not able to offer refunds & returns for items that customer order that are not suitable for their process. The Bag In Box Shop UK Ltd will conduct a full approved trial with customers looking to launch new products to ensure correct product operation. 

Due to our product being used by food and drinks manufactures we are unable to guarantee the safety and quality of product once it leaves are site. This policy is designed to ensure that all customers receive correct and quality product. 

We recommend placing a small order if Bag In Box is new to you / you're business in order to asses suitability or request a full technical trial. 

This policy does not effect product which is received damaged by a customer and although rare we will conduct a full quality damage review with an independent assessor

For standard brewery items we are able to issue refunds and returns but customers will be required to pay for return shipping and admin costs which will be detailed upon request. Refunds will only be processed once the goods have been returned and inspected. 

If you have any questions please contact



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