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New for 2023!

Our bespoke 70cl/75cl/750ml Shipping boxes with protective insert. Our bespoke insert has selectable tabs allowing users to select and secure a range of bottles for shipping reducing the number of packaging lines required. 

Each pack includes an outer box and three internal sleeves.  The internal sleeve has 3 tabs at the base which users can adjust to suit the bottle style and size that is being shipped.


Pricing: Includes Shipping

10 @ £2.99ea

50 - 90 @ £2.85ea

100 @ £2.46ea

200 @ £2.35ea

300 @ £2.25ea

400 @ £2.00ea

500 @ £2.00ea


If you have any questions please email our team at


3 x 70cl/75cl/750ml Shipping Box

PriceFrom £2.00
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