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Manual Bag In Box Manual Filling Plate


Desgined for 5/10/20L Filling of Bag In Box.


- Reduce damage to bag

- Hand free filling

- Reduce spillages


How to use:

  • Place the bag inside the box before filling to avoid damaging the full bag
  • Remove the VITOP tap and insert your filler pipe / funnel
  • Carefully slot the opening into your filling aid - this should now support the bag (to avoid spillage)
  • Fill your bag
  • Replace your VITOP tap - If you have a closing tool push the tap in firmly once then use the tool to push all the way home


*For Hot Fill Customers - It is advised not to close the top of the box until the liquid inside the bag has cooled down. 

Bag In Box Manual Filling Aid Plate

PriceFrom £28.50
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