Our New 2021 20L ECO+  Bag In Box comes with the genuine VITOP bag and our ECO+ box which is produced to an approved design and requires tape at both ends to seal. Our new 2021 design is made from heavy weight paper and with a updated traditional closing style. 


The ECO+ range is great for medium and large scale producers and provides a heavy duty box along with a genuine VITOP Bag & Tap for a lower cost than our Cider & Ale Range. 


Bag-in-box (BIB) packaging is a convenient, economical and simple to use alternative to other packaging methods. The VITOP Tap removes the risk of oxygen re-entering the bag after a user dispenses the liquid meaning products can remain fresh for weeks to months depending on type and filling method. 


Suitable for Real Ale / Cider (Still) / Fruit Juice and Oils. 


Eco+ Boxes

  • Re-Designed in 2021 for increased strength and the new 2021 Version offers 25% more strength in transit. 


  • Multi-layer for strength, low oxygen permeability and high oxygen barrier
  • Designed for hot fill/pasteurisation (up to 72°C)


Each Bag In Box (BIB) comes with the bag and tap - the tap is preinserted into posistion one allowing the user to remove the tap to fill the bag. This ensures that the bag is clean from leaving the factory to arriving at a customers location. 


If customers are wishing to place orders for a mutiple products please email the team at - we will be able to offer a bespoke invoice with discounted transport.


Price Breakdown

10 @ £3.65ea Plus £9 Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £3.15ea

20 @ £3.60ea Plus £13 Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £3.10ea

30 @ £3.55ea Plus £16 Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £3.05ea

40 @ £3.45ea Plus £18 Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £2.95ea

50 @ £3.40ea Plus £23 Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £2.90ea

100 @ £3.30ea Plus £28.50 Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £2.80ea

250 @ £3.20ea With FOC Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £2.70ea

300 @ £3.05ea With FOC Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £2.55ea

400 @ £3.00ea With FOC Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £2.50ea

500 @ £2.90ea With FOC Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £2.40ea

600 @ £2.90ea With FOC Shipping - SALE PRICE @ £2.40ea



PriceFrom £2.90