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Our new 5L Corner BIB box follows on from our sucessful 20L Cider & Ale launch and comes complete with a genuine VITOP 5L EVOH bag and our updated 5L fold out box requiring no tape. The box is a press lock base and lock tab lid produced in BC. 


Bag-in-box (BIB) packaging is a convenient, economical and simple to use alternative to other packaging methods.


The VITOP Tap removes the risk of oxygen re-entering the bag after a user dispenses the liquid meaning products can remain fresh for weeks to months depending on type and filling method.


Suitable for Real Ale / Cider (Still) / Fruit Juice and Oils.


VITOP Bags: Multi-layer for strength, low oxygen permeability and high oxygen barrier Designed for hot fill/pasteurisation (up to 72°C)


Each Bag In Box (BIB) comes with the bag and tap - the tap is preinserted into posistion one allowing the user to remove the tap to fill the bag. This ensures that the bag is clean from leaving the factory to arriving at a customers location.


If customers are wishing to place orders for a mutiple products please email the team at - we will be able to offer a bespoke invoice with discounted transport.


High Abv Bags - Our 5L Bag In Box can now be supplied with High ABV Neck Bags. Please contact before ordering to discuss with our techincal team. 


Shipping Box - Please note this item does not fir the 5L Shipping Box, If you wish to use a shipping box please purchase the 5L Premium BIB. 


Price Breakdown - Includes Shipping

20 @ £2.40ea

50 @ £1.98ea

100 @ £1.96ea

200 @ £1.95ea

500 @ £1.70ea

750 @ £1.61ea

1000 @ £1.58ea

1250 @ £1.58ea

1500 @ £1.55ea

2000 @ £1.55ea



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