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VITOP 5L Turn Tap BIB 

Bag-in-box (BIB) packaging is a convenient, economical and simple to use alternative to other packaging methods. The Turn Tap is designed for non food related uses. 

VITOP Bags: Multi-layer for strength, low oxygen permeability and high oxygen barrier. Each Bag In Box (BIB) comes with the bag and tap - the tap is preinserted into posistion one allowing the user to remove the tap to fill the bag. This ensures that the bag is clean from leaving the factory to arriving at a customers location.

If customers are wishing to place orders for a mutiple products please email the team at - we will be able to offer a bespoke invoice with discounted transport.

Price Breakdown  - Shipping Included
70 @ £2.10ea

150 @ £2.00ea

200 @ £2.00ea

300 @ £1.95ea

400 @ £1.90ea


PriceFrom £1.90
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